Essentials of Exercise and Sport Psychology: An Open Access Textbook


Zachary Zenko (ed)
California State University, Bakersfield
Leighton Jones (ed)
Sheffield Hallam University


This text represents the collaboration of more than 70 authors from multiple countries. Essentials of Exercise and Sport Psychology: An Open Access Textbook brings this diverse set of experts together to provide a free, open, accessible textbook for students studying exercise and sport psychology. Primarily directed at undergraduate students, this well-referenced book is also appropriate for graduate students.

The topics covered are broad, ranging from an Introduction to Exercise Psychology (Chapter 1), to an Introduction to Sport Psychology (Chapter 19), to Working in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (Chapter 33). Importantly, students should recognize that each author brings their individual perspectives, experiences, and expertise to this book. Therefore, some chapters may share overlapping content, but the content is discussed in unique ways. For example, Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 focus on physical activity and exercise behavior. While content in these chapters is related, it is not redundant. To fully understand the complex world of exercise and sport psychology, students are encouraged to engage with diverse perspectives from many authors.

Chapters also contain learning exercises to prompt students and instructors to engage with the material on a deeper level. For effective review, students and instructors are encouraged to complete these learning exercises and discuss responses together.

The majority of this textbook was written during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are tremendously grateful for all of the efforts and expertise of the many contributors to this project. Despite the challenges of teaching, researching, and surviving in the pandemic, the authors persisted. As a result, Essentials of Exercise and Sport Psychology: An Open Access Textbook is completed; we think you will enjoy using it as you pursue this challenging and fascinating area of study!


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ISBN-13: 978-0-578-93236-1

Published by the Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology

CC-By Attribution 4.0 International, except Figure 23.1, Table 28.1, and cover artwork.

Figure 23.1 is republished with permission of Taylor & Francis Informa UK Ltd – Books, from Sport and exercise psychology (2nd ed., p. 301), by A. M. Lane (Ed.), London, UK: Routledge. Copyright © 2016; permission conveyed through Copyright Clearance Center.

Table 28.1 is adapted from Madigan et al. (2019). First published in The Sport and Exercise Scientist, Issue 61, Autumn 2019. Published by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences - Copyright © BASES, 2019.



  • Introduction to Exercise Psychology
    Allyson Box, Jonathan North, Steven Petruzzello
  • Theories of Physical Activity Motivation
    Amanda Rebar, Kristie-Lee Alfrey, Benjamin Gardner
  • Promoting Self-Determined Motivation for Physical Activity: From Theory to Intervention Work
    Eleanor Quested, Marlene Kritz, Jennie Hancox, Nikos Ntoumanis, Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani
  • Exercise Behavior Change Revisited: Affective-Reflective Theory
    Ralf Brand, Panteleimon Ekkekakis
  • Predictors and Correlates of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior
    Anthony Delli Paoli
  • Personality and Physical Activity
    Kathryn Wilson, Ryan Rhodes
  • Body Image and Physical Activity
    Madison Vani, Ross Murray, Catherine Sabiston
  • Youth Physical Activity and Considerations for Interventions
    Karissa Peyer
  • Emotion Regulation of Others and Self (EROS) During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Andrew Lane
  • Social Support, Relationships, and Physical Activity
    Kathleen Wilson
  • Strategies to Facilitate More Pleasant Exercise Experiences
    Leighton Jones, Zachary Zenko
  • Affective Responses to Exercise: Measurement Considerations for Practicing Professionals
    Zachary Zenko, Matthew Ladwig
  • Perceived Effort and Exertion
    Jasmin Hutchinson
  • Mindfulness in Physical Activity
    Anne Cox, Sarah Ullrich-French
  • Exercise and Physical Activity for Depression
    C. J. Brush, Kreshnik Burani
  • Physical Activity and Exercise for the Prevention and Management of Anxiety
    Felipe Schuch, Brendon Stubbs, Aaron Kandola
  • Physical Activity and Severe Mental Illness
    Hamish Fibbins, Oscar Lederman, Simon Rosenbaum
  • Exercise and Chronic Fatigue
    James Wrightson, Rosemary Twomey
  • Taking the Field: An Introduction to the Field of Sport Psychology
    Christopher Hill, Kathleen Mellano
  • Get Your Head in the Game: Examining the Use of Psychological Skills in Sport
    Amanda Rymal, Christopher Hill, Jenny O
  • Motivation in Coaching: Promoting Adaptive Psychological Outcomes
    Kieran Kingston, Dan Wixey, Brendan Cropley
  • Self-Control in Sports
    Chris Englert, Benjamin Pageaux, Wanja Wolff
  • Music in Sport: From Conceptual Underpinnings to Applications
    Costas Karageorghis, Garry Kuan, Lieke Schiphof-Godart
  • Values-Based Coaching: The Role of Coaches in Moral Development
    John Mills, Tristan Mayglothling
  • Leadership Development in Sports Teams
    Stewart Cotterill, Katrien Fransen
  • Group Dynamics in Sport
    Jeemin Kim, Michael Panza, Blair Evans
  • Self, Relational, and Collective Efficacy in Athletes
    Teri Hepler, Christopher Hill, Melissa Chase, Deborah Feltz
  • Diagnosing Problems, Prescribing Solutions, and Advancing Athlete Burnout Research
    Daniel Madigan
  • Psychological Stress and Performance
    Faye Didymus, Luke Norris, Alexandra Potts, Helen Staff
  • Organizational Stress in Competitive Sport
    James Rumbold, Faye Didymus
  • Rehabilitation from Sport Injury: A Social Support Perspective
    Lloyd Griffin, Tjerk Moll, Tom Williams, Lynne Evans
  • Promoting Adherence to Rehabilitation through Supporting Patient Well-Being: A Self-Determination Perspective
    Kieran Kingston, David Jenkins, Guy Kingston
  • Working in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology
    Gene Moyle
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June 14, 2021


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